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Welcome To The Cariboo Aquatics Society!

Our registered non-profit has been working since 2016 towards the development of a multi use recreation center and pool.

We feel a redeveloped recreation facility can be the economic development catalyst this community needs to grow healthy and become Cariboo Strong!

You can help by buying a membership, volunteering for our board or following us on Facebook. 

Recent Updates From Our Facebook Page

3 months ago

Quesnel Pool Referendum Moves Forward

Residents of the North Cariboo and Quesnel will vote in June in a referendum on a $20-million upgrade to their pool. One to

https://www.cariboord.ca/en/news/quesnel-pool-referendum-moves-forward.aspx ... See more

At the April 16 Cariboo Regional District Board meeting, directors endorsed the referendum question regarding a proposed upgrade to the pool facilities at the Quesnel and District Arts and Recreation ... See more

3 months ago

We are heartbroken to say goodbye to a friend and fierce advocate for the South Cariboo. Craig Davidiuk was an enthusiastic community cheerleader who worked tirelessly and always with a smile on his ... See more

4 months ago


ParticipACTION says:

Water can work wonders!
There are lots of ways to make waves in your overall fitness while in the water.

And swimming offers some unique and far-reaching benefits that might

For starters, it can be a total blast, which means you’re more likely to do it. Cannonballing off the dock into a refreshing lake on a hot summer day doesn’t likely feel like exercise because it is such a huge mood booster. But treading water and swimming back and forth between your landing zone and the ladder is an awesome way to boost your heart rate and strengthen your body without feeling like you’re working.

While it may be harder to convince yourself to hit the pool during our cold Canadian winters, keep in mind that the time you invest working out in the water could help keep the winter blues at bay.

You’ll age better because low-impact swimming and in-pool exercises can deliver similar health benefits to other moderate to vigorous exercise - like jogging or an on-land aerobics class - without the strain and pressure on knees and ankles. So, if your commitment to pounding the pavement has left you sore or you suffer chronic joint pain, consider slipping into the water to stay active!

You’ll breathe better When you’re out for a run or ride, your breath is typically shallow with a forceful exhale. When you’re in the water, the opposite happens. you inhale quickly and deeply and then let the air gradually leave your body, which may improve the muscles in your respiratory system.

If the idea of a little extra fun excites you, or you’d like a gentler, yet highly- effective alternative to your regular routine, grab your goggles and make your way to the water!

While it is important to be physically active every day, all Canadians should follow their respective public health authority recommendations. The above is considered, to the best of ParticipACTION’s knowledge at the time of publication, to align with Canadian public-health recommendations. Changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact the accuracy of the information.

https://images.prismic.io/participactionmobile/0a83ad06-a517-4243-84ac-cc55ac034daa_Water+can+do+wonders%21.jpg?auto=compress,format&rect=0,83,1000,500&w=1200&h=600 ... See more

5 months ago

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Recreation Policy That Creates Unity

We seek inclusive, accessible and affordable, aquatic recreation to the South Cariboo. Our goal is to collectively, as a community advocate for a facility that is accessible to everyone.  Read about our plan to create a recreation facility that will garner mass support!

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