What would an Aquatic Facility bring to the South Cariboo?

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We’ve put together a list of some of the main benefits of an aquatic centre

  • Aquatic facilities offer many benefits to community members of all ages and abilities; they generally serve a far broader cross-section of residents, from young children to senior citizens, than any other recreation facility.
  • Aquatic facilities are especially valuable to a community, offering activities that are multigenerational and accommodate individuals that are not able to participate in dry-land activities.
  • An aquatic facility would provide year-round recreation and fitness opportunities and offer a community gathering place that everyone can enjoy.
  • An aquatic facility would play a key role in and support building a healthier community. Swimming and aquatic-based exercise are some of the most popular choices for physical activity. Unique benefits of aquatic environments include: minimized weight- bearing stress, a humid environment and decreased heat load, making it ideal for many individuals
  • In an area surrounded by lakes, water safety is an important life skill.
  • A recreation facility offers a safe and supervised environment for children and youth to participate in healthy recreational activity, improving their social wellbeing while engaging in positive behaviours.
  • 100 Mile House is a medically underserved community, and a lack of a public pool is a significant deterrent to physicians being recruited to the area. The presence or absence of an aquatic facility can also be the deciding factor for professionals considering moving their families to a rural centre. Building an indoor aquatic facility in the South Cariboo could have a significant impact on our ability at attract and retain health care providers, law enforcement officers, and other essential professionals.
  • Promote growth, keeping business in the South Cariboo. Many families travel out of town for aquatic recreation, along with this, families are shopping, dining, using services outside of our community. We’d love to see business stay in the South Cariboo. Property values in areas with recreation facilities have increased with the development of recreation amenities.
 An aquatic facility would have a beneficial impact on:
    • Health
    • Rehabilitation and aquatic therapy
    • Water safety and life-saving skills
    • Community
    • Economy
    • Environment
    • Physician and other professional recruitment and retention

How would an aquatic facility benefit you?