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My family and I made the decision to move to the South Cariboo in 2017. We chose 100 Mile House among other towns for many reasons; the lakes, the natural setting, enjoying and spending more time together as family, and that the District of 100 Mile House was advertising that the South Cariboo Aquatic Society was advocating for a pool in the community. Swimming has always been important to our family- whether it was going swimming together as a family, or ensuring that our children know how to swim, it’s always been a priority for us. Shortly after we moved here, we learned that a pool was no longer being pursued in the South Cariboo. After hearing the amount of support for aquatic recreation in the community, I met a few other community members that were equally passionate about aquatic recreation, and we formed the South Cariboo Community Aquaplex Initiative.

As a health care professional living in the South Cariboo, I have learned that there are limited resources in our community, especially in the winter, for those with physical limitations or those who cannot tolerate weight bearing activity. Often, community services are necessary for individuals to build the skills that are necessary to manage their condition, injury or illness. An aquatic facility is an important tool for individuals managing their health and wellness. It leads to a healthier, happier community.

I believe that there are so many benefits to having an aquatic facility- many of these are not measurable. Having a community gathering place or ‘hub’ without barriers, to enjoy, build relationships, connecting community members, and embracing diversity. Having somewhere to go on a night out with the family, and meet other families in the community. Providing  leadership opportunities to the youth in our community- to lead and develop relationships with all ages is an amazing outcome. Ensuring everyone has access to aquatic education, and life saving skills; especially with so many lakes surrounding our community is important. It would allow growth, and attract and retaining professionals and physicians to our community, something that is much needed.
Most of all, it allows for inclusion, of everyone in our community. An aquatic facility would be an asset and an amazing addition to the South Cariboo community.