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My family moved to the Cariboo when I was around age 3. We instantly became a part of the community and were welcomed with open arms. I attanded elementary, junior and high school in the 100 Mile House area before venturing north to the Peace Ragiok before coming home again a few years later, to 100 Mile House, the South Cariboo is my home!

I was born on Vancouver Island and the first thing my mother taught us to do, before we could even crawl, was to learn how to swim! I grew up with the mentality that swimming wasn’t just enjoyable and something to do for fun and health but also that it was a vital and valuable life saving necessary skill to have! When we moved to the Cariboo we spent our winters freezing in the snow and our summers swimming in all the different local lakes!

Our community is incredible, diverse, growing and beautiful! When I think of an aquatic facility being opened to the public here I picture adding another rich and diverse environment that will bring many benefits to our community! Health and wellness, aqua therapy, swimming lessons (teaching those vital and valuable life saving skills!), a place to relax and refresh and rejuvenate, a place for birthday parties and other celebrations, another activity to beat the winter blues/seasonal effective disorder, a place for parents and their children, teens, and seniors.  I see a hub, a tiny community within our gorgeous community, a wellspring if you will!

I have been blessed to be raised in our town, I have seen its growth from near and far, I have seen where it thrives and even where it fails! I want to see it continue to grow, I want to see filing areas become flourishing areas and thriving areas be maintained! I want to see more growth! I want to see our communities collective request for an aquatic centre to be heard, acknowledged and acted apron! I want to see the aquatic facility brought to referendum with transparency and openness, I want to see the community’s collective voice to vote on it and if the majority say “yes” then I want to see an affordable, inclusive and accessible incredible aquatic facility built to serve our wonderful South Cariboo area and beyond!!! I’m doing this for the South Cariboo, now and for the future.