As a former competitive swimmer and as a dedicated Aquatic and Lifesaving professional, my passion for  teaching, instructing and empowering  people of all ages on water safety, drowning prevention and CPR runs deep within me.

When I relocated to 100 Mile House (Bridge Lake to be exact) in April of this year, I was surprised to discover that there was no public pool or recreation facility other than the ice rink to serve the community.

It was then that I discovered a small group of dedicated citizens, both new and old to the community with just as much passion as I have, who were spear heading the South Cariboo Aquaplex Initiative. At that point, I knew my aquatics expertise could be utilized for the better of the community. Once part of the team, I discovered there had been quite a history of an aquatic facility built in this town.

Why would something so vitally necessary and important for a community be so difficult to get done? The benefits of an Aquaplex/Recreational facility in 100 Mile House are endless and priceless including health, mental, physical, social, economic, emotional, developmental and the list can go on.

An aquatic/recreational facility brings people and communities together regardless of age, abilities, cultural socio-economic background, gender or religion. An aquatic/recreational facility will carry this town into future decades and generations while providing an opportunity for growth, development, enjoyment, employment and sustainability.  I believe that this facility will become a reality and I am proud to be on this journey with some pretty amazing people!



Lisa Rango