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I operate an established online business and recently re-located to the 100 Mile Area. It’s very difficult to recruit the talent I need to grow my business. Convincing employees who have skills in digital marketing, graphic design, javascript programming or experienced sales people to move here is incredibly difficult due to the lack of amenities and recreation facilities. My ideal job candidates are looking at communities like Quesnel, Prince George, Williams Lake, Fernie, Rossland for this reason.

As a former Squamish resident, I was a member of the Masters swim club and enjoyed swimming at least twice a week for 15 years. Now as a father of a four year old, I find ourselves constantly driving to Williams Lake and spending money there instead of keeping my grocery, gas and restaurant dollars at home.

As a business owner, I feel this project will provide the necessary catalyst to create some unique economic development opportunities in the form of swim clubs, triathlons and offer the ability to host events in our community.  I look forward to seeing a referendum come to fruition so we can move this project forward and create a space for future generations to prosper.



Craig Davidiuk