The South Cariboo Aquaplex Initiative (SCAI) – Who are we?

The South Cariboo Aquaplex Initiative (SCAI) – Who are we?

The South Cariboo Aquaplex Initiative was formed in 2018, by a group of community members, with a vision to address the community’s desire for indoor aquatic recreation. Our board consists of a wide ranging group of people who have families, and include small business owners, aquatics instructors, and a physiotherapist. Our ages range from early 20s to 50s. Some of us grew up in the area, and some of us did not. We all have diverse backgrounds, however, one thing that we all have in common is that we are all passionate about our community.

The SCAI’s mission is to promote and assist with the development of an affordable aquatic recreation facility that is accessible to the South Cariboo community and visitors of all ages and abilities.

The SCAI’s goals are to:

  • Engage community members and stakeholders, and gather support for an aquatic facility;
  • Receive support from the local government;
  • Connect with architects and develop an affordable and accessible aquatic facility that meet the community’s current and future needs;
  • Form a society;
  • Build community relationships and successful community partnerships;
  • Educate the community on the benefits of an aquatic centre; and
  • Raise funds to offset costs of building and operations.

While engaging stakeholders and members in the South Cariboo community, it has been made aware that there is tremendous support for an indoor aquatic facility. 

We’ve been connecting with other rural communities in B.C., and we’ve learned that there are several avenues for funding, and partnerships that can be explored. Our plan is to look at all options and resources, and gather broad-based community support. This plan, combined with a group of people who are passionate about advocating for aquatic recreation in the South Cariboo community, are essential to building this project and helping it to become a reality.

This project is for our community. This project is for growth. This project is for our future. Aquatic facilities offer more than swimming. They offer a place where individuals and families can gather, develop relationships and foster a sense of community. It offers a place to build a healthy community; a place to rehabilitate, exercise, play, relax and socialize. It can host group gatherings for small children to seniors’ events or classes. It provides a safe place for children and youth to engage in healthy behaviours.

We envision a facility that is not just a pool, but a ‘social hub’ that brings together the entire South Cariboo and beyond.

If you think that you would be a great fit with our team- let us know! Send us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!