What Is Our Vision ?

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Our Vision For Inclusive Recreation Policy

  • Engage community members and stakeholders; we want this project to bring the community together, after all, a recreation facility is meant to be a social hub for a community.
  • We would initiate and facilitate a Charette process that creates an open forum for all parties to express viewpoints in a constructive manner. We want to hear from you!
  • Leveraging old studies and referendum data so we can build on those successes. Many communities in BC have had several referendums for recreation facilities before the community fully embraced projects. 
  • Consultation with other nearby communities, stakeholders and First Nations is of paramount importance. We want everyone in the South Cariboo included in this process. 
  • We recognize that all user groups want the same thing: a place to recreate. We are focused on an inclusive facility that is accessible to everyone, and affordable. We want to explore options to bring new recreation activities in the South Cariboo. An indoor recreation facility would: 
    • would offer a community gathering place that everyone can enjoy year-round.
    • play a key role in and support building a healthier community
  • Thinking of a long term vision for the region. We want to consider community growth, changes and expansion within our community

Nuts and Bolts

  • Data from previous projects demonstrate strong support for an indoor aquatic facility, and, affordability is very important. A feasibility has been conducted for an aquatic facility at the South Cariboo Recreation Centre site. 
  • There is interest to expand the South Cariboo Recreation Service Areas (taxation boundaries) to include the entire South Cariboo and possibly some neighbouring communities. 
  • Other rural towns in B.C. of similar size or less have many recreation options, including an aquatic facility. Many of these facilities include other recreation opportunities, such as racketball courts, indoor walking tracks, gymnasiums, multipurpose space, indoor playgrounds, indoor climbing walls, fitness centre or fitness space. 
  • Aquatic facilities can be affordable, and other rural towns have demonstrated that it can be.